Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation at Animal Wellness Center

When pets have health problems, traditional veterinary care may not always provide a full solution. Alternative methods, such as veterinary orthopedic manipulation, offer an option that can be used along with, or instead of, conventional methods. At Animal Wellness Center in Davis CA, we offer orthopedic manipulation for pets to improve comfort and function.


What Is Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation?

Spinal manipulation is a well-known method in human medicine. It can help to re-align the structures of the spine that affect general health and normal mobility. Similar techniques can be used in veterinary medicine to help relieve physical discomfort and improve movement throughout the body. Veterinarians receive special training in orthopedic manipulation, to help animals that are experiencing a variety of spine-related issues.

The Conditions Orthopedic Manipulation Can Help

Veterinary orthopedic manipulation may be a good choice for animals that have congenital orthopedic problems, such as hip dysplasia or subluxated patellas. Animals that are engaged in athletic activities, such as competitions, may sustain injuries that require ongoing care to prevent further injury. Orthopedic manipulation can also be used to help nerve problems that affect function. Manipulation techniques can also help to relieve skin problems, such as lick granuloma. Orthopedic manipulation is often used in older animals to relieve discomfort from arthritis and improve movement.

How Is The Procedure Performed?

The trained veterinarian will do a thorough examination of the animal to determine the animal’s condition. If an injury or disorder is present, traditional veterinary techniques may be needed to resolve the problem. Veterinary orthopedic manipulation may be recommended instead of invasive surgical techniques. Manipulation can also be used as an adjunct therapy to improve function during rehabilitation after surgery. During a session, the animal lies comfortably on a table and the vet performs the necessary adjustments. After the manipulation, the animals may feel sleepy and may rest quietly for the rest of the day. The animal can then enjoy more efficient movement, relief from discomfort and improved nerve function.

Make Animal Wellness Center Your Veterinarian in Davis

Dr. Dailey and the team at our animal hospital are committed to providing the highest quality of care for all of our patients in Davis and the nearby communities. We offer many services, including diagnostics, surgery, laboratory, pharmacy, dental care, food therapy, and laser therapy. Call Animal Wellness Center today at (530) 756-7387 to learn how veterinary orthopedic manipulation can help your pet.


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