Vaccinating your pet is one of the single most effective methods for protecting against a variety of illnesses. Some of these illnesses may be fatal, while others can affect the health of you and your family. If you live in Allentown and need information on regular vaccines for your pet, Animal Wellness Center in Davis, CA, can help.


What Are Vaccines?

Vaccines are substances that, when injected, trigger an immune response in your pet and prepare him to fight further infections of the disease. Vaccines can either reduce the severity of the disease or prevent your pet from catching the illness completely.

Do Vaccines Ensure Protection?

While some pets don’t develop enough immunity to illness before they are exposed, for most, vaccinations are effective at preventing diseases.

When Do Pets Receive Vaccinations?

Vaccinations start in puppies and kittens around the age of six weeks and continue every three to four weeks until the animal is about four months old. Then shots occur once every one to three years.

Which Vaccines Should My Pet Receive?

There are two types of vaccines. Core vaccines are those that are recommended for all pets. These include canine hepatitis, distemper, and rabies. Your veterinarian can help you decide which vaccines your pet needs to stay protected. Non-core vaccines are those that are recommended for your pet based on his lifestyle, where you live, and the risk of exposure. Some of these include Bordetella and Leptospira.

Are There Risks?

While most pets respond well to vaccinations, there can be some risks involved. Usually, the benefits of vaccinations far outweigh the risks. The most common adverse response to vaccines includes mild pain, sluggishness, and reduced appetite.

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