Just like people, pets can develop skin issues and irritation. If your pet is scratching, itching, excessively cleaning, or chewing on themselves, it could be because of a rash, sores, or scabs. Skin problems in dogs are very common, and they can occur in cats and other pets, as well. If you're in the Davis CA area and looking for an animal hospital that offers pet dermatology, Animal Wellness Center is here for you and your animal. We can help you take good care of your pet's skin condition.


What Does Pet Dermatology Involve?

Pet dermatology deals with skin conditions and issues faced by your pets. A vet handling these types of problems will look for both internal and external causes and try to find the best option to help your pet. Sometimes, pets are allergic to something they come into contact with. Other times, the problem may be internal but still causes a reaction on the skin. Because there are so many reasons for irritation, sores, rashes, or other issues, working with a veterinarian is the best choice.

Is Hair Loss in Pets a Concern?

A bit of infrequent hair loss in your pet generally isn't a problem. Sometimes pets have scabs or other small issues that quickly clear up on their own. But if your pet is losing a lot of hair or consistently losing hair in one particular area, it's important for you to ensure they're getting proper treatment to help correct the problem. Our vet will take a look at the area and work to discover what's causing the sores, scabs, or rash that may come along with the irritation and hair loss.

Common Skin Problems in Dogs

Skin problems in dogs are more frequent than they are in cats and other pets, but any pet can have skin issues. Working with our animal hospital that offers pet dermatology services makes it faster and easier to solve your pet's skin problems. If you have a dog that's scratching and chewing its skin a lot, the problem could be caused by hot spots on the skin. This type of irritation can be frustrating for your dog, but we can prescribe medications that can treat the issue and alleviate your pet's discomfort.

Visit Our Animal Hospital for Pet Skin Care in Davis, CA

Reach out to us today at Animal Wellness Center if you're in the Davis area and need pet dermatology help. Treating your pet's skin problems involves testing and working with our trained veterinarian to ensure your pet receives the best treatment for its unique condition. Whether your pet's skin issue is small or chronic, our team can provide the care it needs to live a healthy and pain-free life. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. 


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