Therapeutic Laser Treatment

Laser therapy is a modern form of treatment that is aimed at reducing inflammation and pain. Our professionals at Animal Wellness Center in Davis, CA use laser therapy to treat severe pain, chronic conditions, and post-operation pain in animals. We also use laser therapy to treat various pet injuries, fractures, wounds, and pain. If your pet is healing from pain, wounds, or is simply aging, laser therapy is the ideal solution for quick relief and healing for your pet. Our veterinary experts will give your pet the required treatment for wellness.


What Is Laser Therapy?

We use laser light that is administered through non-invasive hand-operated equipment to treat the affected area. Laser treatment makes your pet feel a soothing, gentle warmth that helps to relax your pet's muscles to relieve pain. As our vet administers laser therapy, pets often relax and enjoy as if experiencing a massage.

Our animal hospital provides a solution to the day-to-day problems that affect pets. The use of laser therapy on your pet helps to stimulate its muscles. Laser treatment increases the activity in some pets and offers relaxation due to reduced inflammation and pain relief.

When you visit our animal hospital, we give you the treatment protocols, dietary needs, and restrictions that help you manage your pet at home. The restrictions depend on the condition of your pet and the type of illness.

How Does It Work?

During a laser treatment session, our vet holds the laser directly over the affected area for three to ten minutes. Laser treatment is pain-free, and in most cases, your pet will relax during therapy administration. It is an almost immediate relief to the pain that allows your pet to feel comfortable and less anxious. Some pets fall asleep during the session. The areas of prior inflammation become more comfortable as the pain ceases.

Some conditions are more severe, and our veterinarian will recommend a series of treatments before you can see a positive outcome. Pets are different, and the impact of laser treatment is unique for each pet's specific needs.

Laser therapy helps in post-operation recovery. In minor operations, we recommend laser treatment to stimulate the healing process and reduce pain. It works on the affected area and helps speed up healing, improve mobility, strengthen muscles, and enhance your pet's quality of life.

Laser therapy has no side effects, and our animal hospital ensures it is safe and effective in healing pet ailments of all kinds.

Schedule Your Pet’s Appointment

If your pet is experiencing any illness or pain, laser therapy treatments can help. At Animal Wellness Center in Davis, CA, we offer laser treatment in addition to a variety of other veterinary services. Our experts want your pet to live a healthy, happy life. We can answer any questions you have. To learn more or to schedule your pet’s appointment, call us today.



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