Laboratory Vet Services at Animal Wellness Center

At the Animal Wellness Center in Davis, we integrate holistic medicine with traditional veterinary care, making us one of the few animal hospitals to do so. We even have our own laboratory, which enables us to test your pet for various diseases. Read on to learn more about the conditions we can test for and how your pet can benefit from our laboratory services.


Conditions We Can Test For

We can test for severe health conditions at our laboratory. Our lab is equipped to test both your pet's blood and your pet's urine. This enables us to run effective tests, such as a CBC blood test and a urinalysis. The CBC test checks your pet's red and white blood cells to ensure that their immune system is healthy and does not have a widespread infection. The urinalysis tests your pet's kidney function and can determine whether your pet is diabetic. 

How Your Pet Benefits from Our Laboratory

Your pet can benefit in several ways from our laboratory services. We can process your pet's tests more quickly than in an outsourced laboratory. If we sent your pet's blood or urine samples over to a commercial lab, it would take time for the samples to arrive at the laboratory. Once the samples have arrived at the commercial lab, they will be put in a queue behind other samples from other vets in the area. We cut the processing time down drastically by merely processing the tests at our practice. This allows our veterinarian to diagnose and ultimately treat your pet more quickly. We also have more control over the testing process, so we don't have to worry about the errors that commercial labs occasionally make.

Make an Appointment at Our Animal Hospital in Davis, CA

At the Animal Wellness Center in Davis, our top-notch veterinarian care and laboratory services ensure that your pet receives the best quality of care at our hospital. This allows to test for many conditions and get the test results back more quickly. If you want to learn more about our laboratory and the different treatment options we can offer your pet, contact us through our website or by phone. We are happy to give you all the info you need and help you make an appointment for your animal. Find out the various ways we can help your pet today!


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