Pet Acupuncture

Alternative health care treatments like acupuncture are available for pets. Often, these treatments are the best option for pets because they don't involve troublesome side effects that traditional medications carry with them.


If you're looking for a veterinarian to provide alternative treatments for your pet, contact our team at Animal Wellness Center in Davis, CA. The following are a few reasons why you should consider acupuncture if you're looking for an effective and safe health care solution for your pet.

Acupuncture Treatments Relieve Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most difficult things to treat in both animals and humans alike. Strong pain killers come along with a lot of side effects and risks of addiction. Not to mention they do not actually solve the root cause of the problem, rather they just mask the pain on top.

Pain and discomfort in the body are typically caused by inflammation. Inflammation is one of the issues in the body that acupuncture treatments are most effective against. Therefore, you should try acupuncture for your pet if you're looking for a low risk means of combating chronic pain. 

Acupuncture Treatments Help Pets to Relax

A lot of pets suffer because they have stress or anxiety problems. Unfortunately, anti-anxiety medications for pets are not always highly effective. Acupuncture treatments can be very relaxing for pets and reduce stress. This leads to both a healthier and a better-behaved pet. 

Acupuncture Treatments Have No Side Effects or Drug Interactions

Probably one of the biggest advantages of acupuncture treatments is that they don't have any side effects. Side effects are a big problem with many medications, sometimes the side effects that are brought on by the drugs can be worse than the original problem itself, leading to more drugs being taken to combat those side effects and a cycle starts to begin.

Acupuncture is a fairly gentle treatment method that doesn't involve side effects or drug complications.

Acupuncture Treatments Can Offer Fast Results

With acupuncture, patients can often see fast results. Sometimes, results are seen immediately. Otherwise, results are often seen after only three or four treatments. 

Acupuncture Treatments Can Be Used in Combination with Other Treatment Types

Because there are not usually any side effects regarding acupuncture treatments, these treatments can typically be used in combination with other therapies for the condition in question. This leads to a better overall prognosis for the patient. 

It never hurts to try acupuncture; your vet can try a few treatments and make note of the results. If treatments prove to be effective, they can be continued indefinitely along with prescription medications and whatever other treatments are effective against the condition in question. 

Contact us at Animal Wellness Center to learn more about our animal hospital and the various services we offer. Talk to a vet today to see how our alternative treatments can improve the life of your pet.


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