Acupuncture FAQ

Serving the area of Davis, CA, Animal Wellness Center offers alternative solutions for your furry companion's health needs. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions about this procedure.  

Acupuncture FAQ

What Is Acupuncture? 

Acupuncture is a type of medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years, and it is often used to treat conditions like chronic inflammation and pain. It is believed to affect the neuro-hormonal pathways in the body through the placement of needles in the skin. 

Some of the more common ailments your veterinarian can address in your pet include degenerative joint diseases and arthritic conditions, problems with pinched nerves and spinal misalignments, or even the effects of cancer. It may also be used to help ease the recovery from surgery.  

Is Acupuncture Painful for My Pet? 

Your vet is trained in the application of needles in the proper manner, and the majority of animals will respond to it positively. It is practically painless and will generally have a relaxing effect on your dog or cat. They may even fall asleep during the procedure. 

Your pet will likely also become acclimatized to the routine over time and will display a more accepting posture. They may feel a sensation that is similar to that experienced by humans, such as tingling.  

How Does an Animal Hospital Vet Perform Acupuncture? 

Your veterinarian will insert needles into specific points in order to stimulate the body's own natural healing processes. A vet will aim to achieve physiological changes, and these can include stimulation of the nerves or increasing the circulation of the blood. 

Your pet's animal hospital session will likely last between twenty and sixty minutes, and there are a variety of different types of acupuncture. The gauge of needle is not hollow and will be smaller than those used to inject medicine or draw blood. Massage may also be used in conjunction with this approach.  

How Many Veterinarian Acupuncture Sessions Does My Pet Need? 

Your pet's illness will determine the time needed to undergo this type of therapy. If it's for the alleviation of post-surgical surgical pain, your dog or cat may only need to come in for a few applications. 

Often, their first visits will need to be scheduled more closely together and then will become spaced out, and this will be especially true for an animal with a chronic issue.  

Animal Wellness Center Can Help 

At Animal Wellness Center, we take pride in treating animals with a variety of methods, including acupuncture, and can go into more detail regarding anything not covered in this FAQ. We serve the area of Davis, CA, and invite you to reach out to us via phone at (530) 756-7387 or the web to make an appointment for your pet today. 



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