Pet Surgery FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Surgery

Animal Wellness Center in Davis, CA, and its highly skilled veterinarian team provide vet and animal hospital care for pets in Davis and the surrounding communities. Whether your pet needs a wellness exam, surgery, or other veterinary service, or you simply need a quick answer to a medical question, we are here to help you. 

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Our veterinarian team understands that pet surgery can be frightening. That’s why, at Animal Wellness Center, our vet will explain clearly all the details before it is time for the procedure. To further help, we have compiled this quick article for you.

Will my pet stay overnight after surgery?

Whether your pet stays overnight after surgery depends on the type of surgery they undergo and the veterinary clinic or hospital policies. Depending on the type of surgery and your pet’s recovery, it may need to stay overnight at the animal hospital for monitoring. However, standard procedures do not require an overnight stay.

How do I prepare my pet for surgery?

Preparing your pet for surgery is a great idea to make things go smoothly and reduce tension.

    • Ensure your pet is up to date on vaccinations before the procedure.
    • Preparation for pet surgery requires no food after the evening before the procedure and no water to be given on the day of the surgery.
    • It is always a good idea to bathe your pet the day before the procedure to remove bacteria from the fur.
    • Notify our veterinarian of any medication your pet is taking.

Is it normal for my pet to be constipated after surgery?

It is entirely normal for animals to experience constipation post-surgery. Most often, it is a side effect of the anesthesia. It occurs when the medication slows movement in the gut. It may also happen during surgery when the digestive tract is moved around.

What can I give my pet for pain after surgery?

Our vet will prepare a post-op treatment plan for your pet, including pain management. Ask our veterinarian what that plan entails. Follow your vet’s instructions precisely. Do not give medications meant for humans to animals. Animals’ central nervous systems differ from humans, which could be fatal to your pet.

What are the signs of infection after pet surgery?

It is crucial to keep the surgical wound clean. Since we cannot see bacteria with the naked eye, it is hard to know if the incision is exposed to harmful germs. Although we cannot see the bacteria, there are signs to look for. The incision is red, swollen and leaking discharge. In addition, they might have some side effects from the bacteria invading the immune system. Your pet may hesitate to move around or experience vomiting because of pain or stiff joints. Watch for the signs, follow your vet’s instructions, and call your vet immediately if you recognize any warning signs.

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