We want our pets to be with us for as long as possible. Just like with people, properly caring for the heart is a must for all pets. If you’re a Davis, CA, resident looking for expert cardiology care for your animal companion, work with us at Animal Wellness Center.

You cannot afford to overlook the importance of having a cardiology expert nearby who can quickly treat your pet. That’s one of the many veterinary services we offer.


Watching Out for the Symptoms of Cardiac Trouble

Going to the animal hospital for a regular consultation is always a good idea. Unfortunately, not all pets make it to a veterinarian as often as they should. It's always better to visit to a veterinarian before an emergency arises.

To determine if an emergency visit to the veterinarian is needed, you’ll want to watch out for any symptoms of heart disease in your pet.

When it comes to dogs, pet owners need to watch out for five specific symptoms. These symptoms include difficulty breathing, fatigue, coughing, fainting, and certain behavioral changes. If you start to notice those symptoms in your pet, don’t hesitate to go to a cardiology expert.

As for cats, pet owners must be mindful of two specific symptoms. One symptom is your cat experiencing difficulty breathing and the other is your pet having trouble moving his/her hind legs. Go the vet right away if you start to see either one of those symptoms.

What to Expect During Your Visit to Animal Wellness Center

Hopefully, your pet will not be exhibiting any symptoms of heart disease anytime soon, but as noted previously, it’s still wise to have your animal companion checked out by a veterinarian regularly.

You should be ready to provide your pet’s medical history before going to the vet, as that will be requested. A physical examination will also be administered on your pet. If the vet notices something is off, additional examinations may be administered using different diagnostic tools.

These kinds of consultations can take time, so it is best if you can budget more time than you think you'll need in your schedule before heading to the hospital.

Heart problems can take our beloved pets away sooner than you ever expect, but the good news is that we can catch those problems early. Here at Animal Wellness Center want to help out all Davis, CA, pets and pet owners with quality veterinary care. Pay us a visit if you want to know more about your pet’s current condition and to set up a schedule for quality preventative care.


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