Radiology Services

Our Animal Hospital in Davis, CA, Offers Radiology Services

Radiology is critical in the vet field as it allows veterinarians to determine the main causes of illnesses and the extent of injuries. Today’s state-of-the-art radiology offers a wealth of information for vets, so the most accurate treatments can be provided quickly to relieve pain, restore function, and start the healing process. At Animal Wellness Center in Davis, CA, we offer radiology as a way to evaluate a problem and make a proper diagnosis.


Benefits of Radiology

Pet radiology is an advanced veterinary branch that has vet specialists focus on interpreting diagnostic images to find the root cause of the problem at hand. It is a safe process, and your pet may not need sedation unless it is highly agitated or in pain. The advantages of radiology include:

  • It offers a wide viewing the area that is in pain
  • A vet specialist can get clear images of the organs, bones, and soft tissues
  • It is available in most animal hospitals
  • It is a fast way to examine the pet patient and detect illnesses, injuries, and diseases
  • Radiology is non-invasive, and a vet can see the internal structures of the body in real time

Radiology Services We Use

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays has helped veterinarians detect foreign objects inside an animal’s body, tumors, broken bones, cancer, dislocations, infections, and digestive problems. Digital X-rays are safe for animals and use computer technology to provide detailed images of the internal structures of the body.

Ultrasound Imaging

You may be familiar with ultrasound as a diagnostic technique used to monitor the development of human fetuses in the womb. This same technology is used to detect a number of health problems in animals. Not only can ultrasound be used to see how well the litter is growing in the mother animal, but it can also detect heart disorders, chest problems, and abdominal issues. 

Your Davis, CA, Veterinarian

Dr. Kris Dailey, our veterinarian, cares about animals as much as you do. The staff at Animal Wellness Center is committed to providing quality vet care for each of our patients in Davis, CA, and surrounding communities. We offer a range of services, including dental care, surgery, laser therapy, acupuncture, Chinese food therapy, and of course, radiology. Call Animal Wellness Center today at (530) 756-7387 for more information about our radiology services or make an appointment for your pet. 


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